Jude Mills


I am many things: A lay minister, spiritual counsellor; yoga teacher; writer; podcaster; creator. I have a Master’s degree in Public Theology; a PGCert in Creative Writing, and a degree in Theatre & Music. If you’re being kind you might describe me as a polymath!

I write about theology; spirituality; death, dying & end of life care; poetry; nature; sustainability; yoga, meditation and wellbeing.

Mostly though, I tend to write about what annoys me… this is often the modern ‘Wellness’¬†industry (which never fails to provide me with things to write about!) and about ‘Bad’ Theology (ditto)

I am very good at annoying other people.

I host my own Podcast called FKD UP BY FAITH which is about healing from the things above!

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Recent Posts

The Day When Things Can Start

Imbolc sends impulses to my dormant winter cells throughout January, simultaneously poking me to wake up…and urging me to wait. My yearly last-minute tax return – filed just in time for the Jan 31st deadline – shouldn’t be a surprise by now. Nor should it be a source of personal beratement. If I was a conspiracy theorist (and I am not) I might imagine it to be some sort of test: who can override their internal body clock enough to ‘succeed’ in the system?