Jude Mills


I am a hospice chaplain,
spiritual counsellor, yoga teacher*
and writer, currently studying
for a Master’s in Public Theology.

I write about Theology, spirituality,
yoga, meditation and wellbeing.

Mostly though, I write about what annoys me…
this is mostly the modern ‘Wellness’  industry
(which never fails to provide me with things to write about!)
and about ‘Bad’ Theology (ditto)
I am very good at annoying other people.

I host my own Podcast called FKD UP BY FAITH
which is about healing from the things above!

* I am increasingly de-identifying with the ‘Yoga Teacher’ label!

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Recent Posts

Does this mean I am not a failure…?

A while ago, I joked online about feeling a failure because I don’t ( and won’t) go cold water swimming, and I don’t have a Podcast. I rather consigned these – along with the trends of ‘radical self-care and the ‘digital detox’ – to the ‘things I don’t do – let’s leave that to the influencers’ corner. Meanwhile, I focused on being consistent in at least one thing – my utter lack of self- promotion.