Jude Mills


I am a hospice chaplain, yoga teacher,  spiritual counsellor and writer currently studying for a Master’s in Public Theology.

I write about Theology, spirituality, yoga, meditation and wellbeing.

Mostly though, I write about what annoys me… this is mostly the modern ‘Wellness’  industry (which never fails to provide me with things to write about!) and about ‘Bad’ Theology (ditto)

I host my own Podcast called FKD UP BY FAITH which is about healing from the things above.

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Recent Posts

Does this mean I am not a failure…?

A while ago, I joked online about feeling a failure because I don’t ( and won’t) go cold water swimming, and I don’t have a Podcast. I rather consigned these – along with the trends of ‘radical self-care and the ‘digital detox’ – to the ‘things I don’t do – let’s leave that to the influencers’ corner. Meanwhile, I focused on being consistent in at least one thing – my utter lack of self- promotion.

How to breathe your way out of poverty…

We all know that eating the right foods, and getting enough exercise are healthy choices. What isn’t true however, is that doing those things guarantee health. It isn’t a wellbeing vending machine transaction where we can insert organic kale at one end and get health out of the other. It doesn’t work that way. Health is complex, with individual, cultural, and economic factors. Health is social and societal.