In spiritual accompaniment, I work in the spirit of Anamcara as described above. The Anam Cara relationship provides you with a spiritual counsellor, unconditional listener and advisor; someone with a mature spiritual practice and intuitive wisdom who is able to help you recognise and listen to your own heart song.

Spiritual counselling

Spiritual Counselling is not like traditional counselling.  Although I have a faith,  I have no religious agenda, and I will always meet you where you are. The Anam Cara relationship helps you to remember who you are, and it helps to guide you on your personal journey with more clarity. It is not psychotherapy. A session can take a number of approaches but is essentially embodied. I may offer meditation, breathing and centering techniques, poetry, prayer…

Appointments are 50 mins and cost £60. I usually meet people online (Zoom)

Tending the Spirit – Walks in Nature or with Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)

We will go for a walk together and explore your spiritual journey, guided by nature, the seasons and the elements. The Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku – or Forest Bathing, is known to have deeply therapeutic benefits. We might take our spiritual accompaniment session among the trees, and let them do their healing work. Sessions may include conversation, reflection, meditation, prayer, movement, breathwork or journalling, according to your needs, desires and comforts.

Appointments are 75 mins and cost £80. In person in East Sussex.

I am here to be this for you if you feel that is what your heart is seeking. I can offer this in a number of ways, from regular guidance sessions, informal online dialogue, mentoring or support.

To book, or If you would like to know more contact me on

I work with the utmost integrity and regard for confidentiality. We set out our boundaries and goals as a contract at the beginning of the relationship. If we decide together that I am not the right person for you to work with, then I will happily recommend other sources of support.