In my podcast FKD UP BY FAITH, I have healing conversations with people who’ve been ‘f****d up’ by their faith, and who’ve found hope, healing, reconciliation, or forgiveness, in, or out of their faith tradition

Underlying the tongue-in-cheek title is a purposeful ethnographic and theological agenda. It began as research for my Master’s degree in Public Theology, and was the subject of my dissertation (for which I gained a distinction) I hope to continue my research in PhD studies commencing in 2024.

I am a storyteller, fascinated by stories. The stories told in FKD UP BY FAITH are experiences of faith, religion, family and upbringing, of identity, rejection, control, and also of healing, acceptance, and forgiveness. Whilst not all stories are about this, FKD UP BY FAITH is also a space to talk about the important topic of Spiritual Abuse, something that we are only just beginning to properly talk about in public fora. I aim to create a space of deep, non-judgemental listening to allow the stories to be told. For this reason, some of my guests choose to be anonymous.

Definition of Spiritual Abuse, by Dr. Lisa Oakley, Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Chester; Chair of the national working group for child abuse linked to faith or belief; Associate thirtyone:eight

I have had some really wonderful conversations with some great folk – have a listen – all the episodes are listed below. Although it might seem like it, it’s not just for ex-evangelicals! Whatever your faith or religious background (or not) I am interested in having a conversation with you. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve particularly been f****d up, even if you’re just slightly peeved, come and have a chat.

in FKD UP BY FAITH Have a look at ‘Be a Guest’ if you would like to come and have a conversation with me, or if you know someone who fits the bill…

NOTE: During summer 2024, the podcast is focusing on a series of bonus episodes called FKD UP BY FAITH – Unfkd. These episodes will examine aspects of theology which are harmful, misunderstood, or just plain wrong! The bonus series allows me to focus on creating a clear ethical foundation for the interview series, for the beginning of my PhD.

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