If you would like to come on the ‘FKD UP BY FAITH’ as a guest I’d be delighted to welcome you.

Being fkd up by your faith doesn’t have to be a real drama, although maybe it was? perhaps it was subtle and slow, perhaps you did it to yourself, perhaps other people were to blame. I am interested in having real conversations with real people, so it’s not an ‘interview’ in the formal sense.

I am particularly interested in people who are on the margins of faith – for whatever reason. Maybe you navigate the mainstream well enough to get away with it. Maybe you’ve been marginalised, or rejected, or let down. If that’s you, I’d love to know.

I am especially interested in stories of hope and healing, of reconciliation, of forgiveness. Ways in which people troubled by faith have moved forward in faith (or not).

Download and invitation and the detailed guest guidelines and consent form below.