Funeral Support

Firstly, if you are here because you are organising a loved one’s funeral, my love and sympathy are with you during this challenging time. I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised funeral celebrant services. With a background in hospice and palliative care chaplaincy, I bring a unique blend of spiritual guidance and sensitive understanding to the tender process of saying goodbye.

I have had the privilege of guiding and supporting families through some of life’s most challenging moments. I have conducted numerous funerals: as a chaplain; as an independent minister and as a friend. I understand the procedures and I am used to liaising with funeral directors.

Navigating the details of a funeral service can be overwhelming. I am here to offer guidance, support, and a compassionate presence during this challenging time. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your needs or to schedule a consultation.

My aim is to walk with you as you plan the funeral or memorial for your loved one – the one that they would have wanted. Funerals offer a time to grieve, time to say a proper goodbye and time to celebrate the life that your loved one shared with you. There are no laws or rules as to what should be included in a funeral service or ceremony. You can – basically – do whatever you want, and I am happy to accompany you through this process

Arranging a Funeral

Most people engage a funeral director who takes on the arrangements – which usually includes booking a celebrant or minister. But it is not a legal requirement for you to do this. You can arrange some, or all of the funeral yourself, if you want to, and you can hire the minister or celebrant yourself. Many people believe that it needs to be a minister of religion who conducts funeral rites, and this is not true. Legally, anyone can conduct a funeral, although my personal feeling is that hiring a professional takes away the emotional burden that could otherwise be spent on properly grieving. The only legal requirement is that arrangements for burial or cremation are made and that transportation is appropriate. You can also ask a funeral director to take responsibility for some parts ( e.g. care of,  and transport of your loved one’s body) and you can arrange everything else yourself.

My role is to accompany you in a supportive capacity, to whatever extent you feel you need.

Find out more about how to arrange a funeral on the following websites. I am also happy to advise.

Unique and Personal

As a writer, my aim is to create unique, personalised content just for your ceremony and to help you choose works of prose, poetry or music that would be appropriate to remember your loved one. I want you to find words that are unique, and personal to you and your loved one, and including their favourite readings, from any traditions you desire. For example, nowadays, many people I work with want to include just one or two elements of a traditional Christian funeral such as the Lord’s Prayer or the 23rd Psalm, without it being too ‘religious’.

From start to finish – what to expect, what elements to include – I have conducted many funeral services and can help guide you.

My Fees

To write and conduct the funeral service for you. Includes two-hour consultation, two edits, e-mail communication and a beautifully designed final draft. £230 plus travel expenses to the venue @45p/mile. I work in the South East of England.

Personal or family coaching on conducting a funeral service yourself – two-hour session (or two hour- long sessions) £120

Get in touch with to chat about your needs –