Join me on the eve of the Winter Solstice for an invitation to gentle solstice ritual, poetry, meditation and nourishing somatic enquiry to ease us into the season of deep rest.

Thursday 21st December 2023

6:30 – 8 pm GMT (check your local time here)

on Zoom – by donation

Now is the moment of magic,
when the whole, round earth turns again toward the sun…

Victoria Safford

The Winter Solstice is a time of special blessing. The invitation to stillness often gets forgotten amid the other great Winter celebrations. Here is your invitation – whatever your personal spiritual beliefs. This is a gentle participatory workshop with a quiet and personal solstice ritual, inspiring seasonal poetry, meditation, gentle somatic enquiry and – to round off the evening – a delicious singing bowl relaxation.

What you need to attend: – a comfortable, warm space, warm comfy clothes, a notebook and something to write with, and maybe a warm drink – and that’s it! You can be on the sofa, on the floor, in a chair, on the bed. Just be comfy.

I am an ordained interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor with many years’ of practice in leading and conducting ritual, as well as 20+ years teaching yoga and meditation.

…and here’s a blessing:
the days will be longer and brighter now,
even before the winter settles in to chill us

– Victoria Safford
Midwinter Stillness Workshop
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